A New Food Adventure Awaits

The internet is a big place. Information and businesses floating everywhere, foodies going places to try new food, and that’s a great thing.

Except for the fact that planning left hungry people even hungrier.

These days, apps make it easier for us to choose whether or not we should go to this restaurant depends on the information given to us, and the information is a lot to digest, especially when there are many choices out there.

We came up with a simple solution to remove all the features that aren’t required.

Thus FoodFlare is Born

Retrieves from many sources, FoodFlare helps users quickly choose nearby restaurants and coffee shops with Wi-Fi. How? By eliminating the many uses of trying to find what you really want to eat.

If you’ve used the app before, you’d notice that it doesn’t have a search bar nor does it have a way to pan around maps. All it brings is a way to pick what you’d like to eat, then takes you to the results with relevant information.

Don’t like the result? Next!

There’s also the previous button, like swiping on Tinder.

Navigation and Search Filters

Browsing for a restaurant is quick and easy. Each restaurant includes a photo, some basic information about their pricing ranges and if they’re open right now (beta).

If you’re picky with how far the restaurant is, the ratings or even on the number of ratings, you can pre-set these options! The app remembers your settings and uses them to pick your kind of restaurants in the future.

Now, how cool is finding food now?

If you’re ready, download the app now!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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